Referendum round-up: Shale gas | Banks | Putin

A fracking site, testing for shale gas. Picture: PA
A fracking site, testing for shale gas. Picture: PA
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Vladimir Putin’s name has been invoked once again in the referendum debate, with Michael Gove claiming that Scottish independence would benefit the Russian president.

Meanwhile, new analysis in The Banker magazine claims that Scotland would have been ”devastated” by the financial crisis of the late-2000s if it had been independent.

Pro-union campaigners have claimed the conclusion is “significant”, while pro-independence campaigners claim the figures used are out of date.

In other news, former Labour first minister Jack McConnell is expected to increase his involvement in the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK, starting with a speech tomorrow, while Lib Dem MP Michael Moore has called for new powers for the Scottish Parliament to be put in place immediately after September’s referendum, in the event that there is a ‘No’ vote.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours.

• “Of course the BBC is biased against Scottish Nationalists”, writes Alex Massie in the Spectator, arguing this is down to the corporation’s disposition against radical change rather than a specific decision to back Better Together.

• James Pozzi of The Manufacturer assesses the possible risks and rewards for manufacturing businesses as a result of the referendum, and looks at what could happen to the sector in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote.

• Lesley Riddoch writes that the Republic of Ireland has been ”brought in from the cold” in the referendum debate, and argues that ordinary Scots will be the real winners of the referendum no matter what the outcome.

• Grayling Scotland’s Garden Lobby blog looks at today’s British Geological Survey report on shale gas in Scotland, and wonders what will come of the reserves.

• The Trident nuclear submarine base on the Clyde has been a major bone of contention throughout the referendum campaign, with the SNP pledging to remove the boats from Scottish waters in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote. The BBC look at five potential new homes for the submarines.

• Photographer Alan McCredie’s 100 Weeks of Scotland photo blog - visiting a new location across Scotland every week until the referendum - continues in the Vale of Strathmore.

• The Guardian take an in-depth look at the Scottish independence referendum campaign, and the ever-intensifying battle for the estimated one million undecided voters across the country.

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