Referendum round-up: Poll of polls | RBS warning

For the latest on the Scottish independence debate, visit our dedicated referendum website. Picture: TSPL
For the latest on the Scottish independence debate, visit our dedicated referendum website. Picture: TSPL
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CATCH up on today’s news, opinion and analysis on the Scottish independence debate from Scotland and around the world in this round-up from our dedicated referendum website.


Scotland is poised to reject independence in next month’s referendum amid claims that the Yes campaign has “stalled”, according to new research.

A new “poll of polls” says 57% of Scots are likely to vote No with 43% backing a Yes vote, the research for the Independent suggests.

In other news, the Royal Bank of Scotland has repeated its warning of a “material adverse effect” on its business if voters back independence in next month’s referendum, while Moray Council has called on residents to stop affixing ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ stickers to its road signs, claiming that the practice is damaging the signs and costing thousands of pounds.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours of the debate.

George Eaton: The Yes campaign is running out of time

George Eaton, the political editor of the New Statesman, believes that the pro-independence campaign in the referendum is running out of time to achieve a victory.

Peter Geoghegan: Could Scottish independence realign Ireland?

Peter Geoghegan looks back to the 6th century kingdom of Dalriada as he assesses the possible impact of the Scottish independence referendum on both sides of the Irish border.

Iain Martin: Five things to look out for as referendum campaign restarts

The Telegraph’s Iain Martin identifies the TV debate, opinion polls and the role of female voters as some of the key issues in the Scottish independence campaign’s final weeks.

Tom Gallagher: The mock religious revival behind the Yes campaign

Tom Gallagher, professor emeritus at Bradford University, looks at the varying wishes and aims of those within the movement for Scottish independence in this piece for Scottish Review.

Full Fact launch series of Scottish independence ‘fact checks’

The independent fact-checking organisation Full Fact has published a series of articles looking at a number of key issues in the Scottish independence referendum debate.

The pieces look at immigration, pensions and currency, as well as a host of other topics central to September’s vote.

Sparks flying in Rosyth over referendum debate

The Economist magazine visits the shipyard town of Rosyth in Fife to gauge the mood ahead of next month’s Scottish independence referendum.

Alan McCredie recaps his 100 Weeks of Scotland photo project

Photographer Alan McCredie set out to capture 100 aspects of Scottish life in the 100 weeks leading up to next month’s independence referendum – as his marathon project nears its end, he looks back at some of his favourite photos so far.

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