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Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
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CATCH up on today’s news, opinion and analysis on the Scottish independence debate from Scotland and around the world in this round-up from our dedicated referendum website.


The result of the Scottish independence referendum is “still too close to call”, according to an academic’s study of the polling data ahead of September’s vote.

In other news, Labour MP Jim Murphy has claimed that a ‘Yes’ vote could put the Uist missile testing range at risk, and Scottish musician Paolo Nutini has described the independence referendum as an “opportunity” in an interview with BBC Radio 1, adding that he is yet to fully make his mind up on the issue.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours of the debate.

Chris Game: Yes or no, Scotland is about to lose its biggest bargaining chip

Chris Game of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Local Government Studies looks at the Scottish independence referendum in relation to Quebec’s votes for secession and the ongoing row over a Catalan independence vote.

Lesley Riddoch & Kirsty Gunn: Why do Scotland’s artists want independence?

Lesley Riddoch and Kirsty Gunn give their opinions on why Scottish artists and creatives are predominantly in support of the ‘Yes’ camp in the Scottish independence debate.

Jamie Mann: Who will write Scotland’s constitution?

Jamie Mann takes a detailed look at proposals to ‘crowd-source’ a new Scottish constitution in the event of a ‘Yes’ vote in September’s referendum.

Jamie Maxwell: It is unionists, not nationalists, who are obsessed with identity

The ‘No’ camp in the Scottish independence referendum debate have been quickest to play the national identity card, according to Jamie Maxwell writing in the New Statesman.

The psychology behind stable referendum polls

Rob Johns of the University of Essex discusses possible reasons behind the relative stability of opinion polls ahead of the Scottish independence referendum.

Alasdair Soussi: Scots will emerge stronger from their independence poll

Alasdair Soussi looks at Scotland’s independence debate, compares the agreement around the referendum with the more fractious situation in Catalonia, and assesses the possible impact of the Commonwealth Games on September’s vote.

‘All Back To Bowie’s’ set to tackle Scottish referendum at Edinburgh Fringe

The Scottish independence referendum takes centre stage in Edinburgh Fringe show ‘All Back to Bowie’s’ – The List magazine interviews the show’s creator David Greig.

Alex Massie: Tunes of Numpties – Scottish novelists on independence

Alex Massie takes on recent comments by some of Scotland’s leading writers, including Alan Warner, and lambasts their “fat-headed” analysis in this piece for The Spectator.

Jim Murphy: EU issue a real mouthful for islanders

Jim Murphy reports on his visit to the Hebrides as his 100-day tour of Scotland in support of a ‘No’ vote in September’s independence referendum.

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