Referendum round-up: Opinion poll | Glasgow Pride

Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
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CATCH up on the latest news, opinion, video and analysis on Scottish independence from Scotland and beyond in this daily round-up from our dedicated referendum website.


The ‘No’ campaign’s lead in the Scottish independence referendum has narrowed amid signs undecided voters are making up their minds, according to a new poll.

The latest TNS research found that with two calendar months to September’s vote, 41 per cent of all adults back No, while 32 per cent support Yes and 27 per cent are yet to decide.

Meanwhile, LGBT groups on both sides of the debate have set out their cases ahead of Glasgow’s Pride parade tomorrow.

In other news, two prominent Scottish authors, William McIlvanney and Allan Massie, have laid out their thoughts on the Scottish independence referendum.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours.

• David Torrance looks at the history of the political TV debate and the possible impact of Alex Salmond’s televised clash with Alistair Darling.

Torrance analyses the possible format and tone of the two-hour programme, and wonders whether it can make a difference to the outcome of September’s referendum.

• Polling expert John Curtice looks at the detail behind the rise in support for the ‘Yes’ camp in the latest TNS poll, and places it in the context of previous polls by the major opinion poll firms.

• The Montreal Gazette’s Mark Abley reflects on a recent visit to Edinburgh, and the use of Scots phrasing and language in the Scottish independence referendum debate.

• The Yes campaign is not anti-English, it’s about promoting a positive future for Scotland, writes Joyce McMillan.

• The Guardian’s Libby Brooks takes a light-hearted look at the week in the referendum, which was dominated by Freddie Mercury, spaceports, and Alex Salmond’s trip to Liverpool.

• Pro-independence arts group National Collective dissect mooted proposals for further devolution following a ‘No’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

• Patrick Smyth of the Irish Times looks at the public and private Irish reaction to the Scottish independence referendum debate, and its possible impact on both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

• Rachel Ormston, Senior Research Director at NatCen, looks at the impact of research on the Scottish independence debate.

• The ‘Yes’ campaign in the Scottish independence debate is failing to win over middle-class voters with its economic plans, writes Jamie Maxwell in this New Statesman piece.

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