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Get the latest on the referendum debate on our independence website. Picture: Getty
Get the latest on the referendum debate on our independence website. Picture: Getty
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Scottish Government international development minister Humza Yousaf has claimed that an independent Scotland could have a ”dramatic impact” on poverty in the developing world.

Yousaf said that the country could have a major effect on the issue, in line with other small countries around the world.

In other news, Former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown has told the European Parliament that Scotland faces an additional £500 million annual bill to stay in the European Union compared to its current position.

The additional costs would be incurred due to the lack of rebate currently held by the UK, Brown claimed.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours.

• Aberdeen University professor Colin McCaig gives his view on the future of medical research in Scotland.

McCaig calls for a ‘Yes’ vote in September’s independence referendum, citing EU funding and the possibility of remaining within UK funding bodies.

• Iain McLean, professor of Politics at Oxford University, gives his response to Professor Patrick Dunleavy’s report into the possible costs of Scottish independence.

• Craig Fairnington of the Institute of Ideas reflects on the state of the referendum debate, the opinions of Scotland’s youngest voters, and the need for both sides to see the other’s point of view.

• The Slugger O’Toole website recaps yesterday’s conference on Scottish independence in Belfast, featuring speakers such as Lesley Riddoch and Murdo Fraser.

• Playwright and film producer Kevin Toolis looks back at Ireland’s split from the UK, and its possible parallels with Scottish independence

Does anyone really care what celebrities think about the referendum? That’s the question academics Neil Blain, John Curtice and Chris Whatley answer in their piece for The Conversation.

• Paul Gilfillan, programme leader in psychology and sociology at Queen Margaret University, reports on the class aspect of the upcoming referendum on Scottish independence.

• The New Statesman’s James Maxwell considers the role of the monarchy in an independent Scotland, and writes that “calls for a Scottish republic will grow measurably louder following a Yes vote”.

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