Referendum round-up: New constitution | Trident

CATCH up on news of a written Scottish constitution and reports of a divide among Scots over nuclear weapons on the Clyde in this round-up from our dedicated Scottish independence website.

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More Scots believe Trident nuclear missiles should stay in the country if it becomes independent than think the weapons should be removed, according to the results of the British social attitudes survey.

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The survey also found differences of opinion between Scotland and the rest of the UK on taxation and north sea oil, as highlighted in The Guardian. Professor John Curtice of What Scotland Thinks analyses the common ground and differences between respondents in different parts of the UK.

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon unveiled plans for a written Scottish constitution which would include a clause calling for nuclear disarmament. The plans are broken down in detail in this at-a-glance guide from the BBC; read the full document here.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of the day’s top pieces.

• The referendum campaign has been dreary, confusing and “almost embarrassing”, according to PR consultant Colin Wright.

• Adam Ramsay of OpenDemocracy highlights the changing face of global politics since the Union came into being in 1707, in the latest of a series of pro-independence articles.

• Ed Fieldhouse of Manchester University looks at the results of a recent British Election Study survey, and suggests that the devolution pledge of the pro-union parties could pose a serious problem for Yes Scotland.

• Commentator Gerry Hassan analyses the preoccupation of some referendum commentators with Nazism, in his latest piece on the OpenDemocracy website.