Referendum round-up: Jobs | Spaceport | New poll

CATCH up on the latest news, opinion, video and analysis on Scottish independence from Scotland and beyond in this daily round-up from our dedicated referendum website.

Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow
Get the latest on the referendum on our Scottish independence site. Picture: Jane Barlow


One million jobs in Scotland could be put at risk in the event of Scottish independence, Labour has warned.

Employment in sectors with strong links to the UK, such as defence and financial services, could be jeopardised if Scots vote Yes in September’s referendum, according to the party’s Scottish leader Johann Lamont.

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In other news, Scotland is home to six of the eight short-listed locations for the UK’s first dedicated spaceport, with a decision to be made later this week on its location. Meanwhile, new polling for The Scotsman has found that support for independence would increase by three per cent if the UK was “very likely” to leave the EU.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours.

• Jim Edwards of Business Insider warns of the impact of a possible slump in North Sea oil revenues, highlighting new data released by the OBR last week.

• The Guardian’s Libby Brooks visits the Common Weal Festival in Glasgow and Yestival’s Edinburgh date to assess the debate within the pro-independence movement.

• Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale calls for a ‘No’ vote in September’s Scottish independence referendum, arguing that the UK government is better placed to support job growth than its Holyrood counterpart.

• Karen Crouse of the New York Times visits the Scottish Open at Aberdeen, and discusses the Scottish independence debate with some of Scotland’s top golf professionals as well as First Minister Alex Salmond.

• Oxford University’s Dr Faisal Devji journeys around Scotland for an Al-Jazeera documentary, which you can watch in full on the microsite.

The Indian history scholar discusses the debate with Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar among others.

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• The Guardian’s Madeleine Bunting continues her journey through the Scottish islands, and questions how the two sides in the referendum campaign can work together after the vote in September.

• Brian Monteith looks at the Barnett Formula, the funding arrangement which determines the level of public spending in Scotland, and the controversy around it in his Scotsman column.

• Alan McCredie’s 100 Weeks of Scotland photo project continues at the site of the Forth Bridges. View all this week’s shots here.