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The Scottish Government will attempt to negotiate a share of UK Sport and National Lottery funding for Scots athletes in the event of independence, according to Scotland’s Secretary for Sport Shona Robison.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron has visited Shetland in a bid to woo voters to reject Scottish independence in September’s vote, and UK Business Secretary Vince Cable has warned that Scottish independence will hit businesses with the “double whammy” of increased regulation and an exit from the UK single market.


Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours.

• Alex Massie: Independence debate is about belonging, not policy

Alex Massie looks at the cases for and against Scottish independence, and suggests that an ”empathy gap” is growing between supporters of the UK (who can see some benefits to independence but do not want to vote for it) and supporters of independence (who describe a ‘Yes’ vote as “the only logical choice”).

• Video - Reading Scotland’s future in the stars

The New York Times compile some of the various statements on Scottish independence made by the nation’s actors, writers and musicians in this feature and video.

• Chris Bambery: How would Robert Burns vote in the Scottish referendum?

Writer and broadcaster Chris Bambery looks at the work of Robert Burns, and suggests the great poet may have voted ‘Yes’ to Scottish independence had he been alive for this September’s referendum.

• Ruth Davidson: Voting ‘No’ lets us lift up our eyes

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, outlines her vision for Scotland in the event of a ‘No’ vote in the Scottish independence referendum.

• Alasdair McKillop: Rangers, Northern Ireland, and unionism

Alasdair McKillop, co-author of Born Under a Union Flag: Rangers, Britain and Scottish Independence, looks at the historic links between Rangers Football Club and Northern Ireland, as well as the impact of Scottish footballing allegiances on the forthcoming independence referendum.

• Dr David White: Pensions and Scottish independence

Historian Dr David White gives his view on pensions and the Scottish independence referendum debate.

• What scenario do Scots think is best for gender equality and childcare?

Craig McAngus from the Scottish Centre on Constitutional Change explores attitudes to gender equality and childcare in this piece for Future of the UK and Scotland.

• Bill Paterson: Why a celebrity may choose to sit on the fence on indyref

Actor Bill Paterson outlines the varying levels support for the two sides in the Scottish independence referendum debate among Scotland’s creatives, in this piece for Scottish Review.

• Anoosh Chakelian: Will Glasgow 2014 be a political spectacle?

The New Statesman’s Anoosh Chakelian looks ahead to the start of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, and wonders whether the competition can truly be a ‘politics-free’ zone.