Record breaking foreign investment in Britian pre-Brexit

The UK enjoyed record-breaking inward investment from foreign companies over the past financial year, Liam Fox has announced.

Liam Fox has said that we must welcome new investors post-Brexit

But the figures paint a picture of investment before the vote for Brexit.

The British Chambers of Commerce stressed Britain must welcome investors as it navigates new financial waters following the historic vote.

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Mr Fox, the International Trade Secretary, said the figures cement Britain’s position as the “number one destination in Europe for investment”.

The new figures show that 2,213 inward investment projects were secured in 2015-16 – an 11 per cent increase on the previous year.

This led to around 116,000 jobs being created or safeguarded – the second-highest number on record, the Department for International Trade said.

Almost 1,600 new jobs a week were created by foreign direct investment in 2015-16, with the Department for International Trade helping to secure four out of five of the projects that created these jobs, it added.

And since 2010, nearly 390,000 new jobs have been created through foreign direct investment in the UK.