'Really wishing #C4debate was done as Crystal Maze instead' - funniest reactions on Twitter to Tory leadership debate

The Tory leadership contestants during the TV debate.
The Tory leadership contestants during the TV debate.
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The best twitter reactions to the Q&A-style Tory leadership debate on Channel 4.

@Number10cat: "#C4debate conclusions Winner: The EU Loser: Any poor soul that winds up having to live with one of this lot..."

@AndrewStoneman: "Dominic Raab wants to bring back apprenticeships for 14 to 16-year-olds!!! Presumably he will also be sending 6 to 8-year-olds up chimneys?"

@KateAndrs: "When the leadership contenders talk about 'what a disgrace' the state of certain provisions are, I do wonder if it dawns on them that their party has been in charge for about a decade..."

@EdwinHayward: "Reminder: everyone in the debate is also in Government, or was recently in Government. So every mess being discussed happened under their collective watch."

@KirstyStricklan: "Wild that Rory Stewart's (extremely effective) secret weapon in this debate has just been to go ''so guys, what's your plan?'' Cue spluttering, sweating and terror in their eyes."

@KateAndrs: "The 'greatest weakness' question is the WORST, most CRINGEWORTHY question in any job interview, including an interview for Prime Minister."

@PeterKGeoghegan: "This #c4debate is so depressing that I’m going to switch over to the last episode of Chernobyl. It’s cheerier, and has a happier ending."

@NinaDSchick: "You don't beat the Brexit party by becoming the Brexit party!!" exclaims leadership candidate for the party that has literally become the Brexit party."

@Redpeter99: "These men have been in power since May 2010. You'd never know."

@louismush14: "Anyone else getting Simon from Inbetweeners vibes watching @Jeremy_Hunt on the #C4debate?"

@lewis_goodall: "Why does Raab keep talking about “telegraphing” the EU about no deal? Have we actually reverted to 1910?"

@paulwaugh: "Really wishing #C4debate was done as #crystalmaze instead. Just to see if they really can work as a team."

@lewis_goodall: "Did you know that Hunt was an entrepreneur?"

@DorstoneTom: "It's amazing how they all suddenly know exactly what is wrong with the country and that everything needs more funding."