Queen to make Scottish independence statement

The Queen will make a statement on Scottish independence. Picture: PA
The Queen will make a statement on Scottish independence. Picture: PA
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The Queen is expected to make a statement later today as the nation digests the historic No vote in the Scottish referendum.

The monarch was in Scotland in her own private home, Balmoral in Aberdeenshire, when she learned that the 307-year-old union of which she is sovereign remains unbroken.

It is believed that the victory of the No campaign will have been met with great relief by the Queen and the rest of the royal family.

The words the Queen uttered on Sunday after attending morning church at Crathie Kirk appeared to urge voters to be cautious about severing the ties.

‘’Well, I hope people will think very carefully about the future,” she is said to have told a well-wisher in the crowd.

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Palace officials said the Queen has been following the referendum very closely throughout the campaign. It is thought unlikely she stayed up through the night.

Her private office with her at Balmoral was kept regularly updated by officials in London and Edinburgh as the counting began.

Any statement by the Queen on results day will be seen as part of the process of reconciliation following the heated debate by both sides during the referendum.

She is head of state, but in her less formal role as head of the nation, the Sovereign acts as a focus for national identity and unity and offers a sense of stability and continuity.

The United Kingdom may remain intact as a union of four nations, but there are plans for further devolution to Scotland as well as a rebalancing of the representation of all the nations.

The Queen remains publicly neutral when it comes to political matters. Any statement will be carefully timed to ensure all political leaders have already made their comments on the outcome, as well as carefully worded.

Following Australia’s referendum on the monarchy in 1999, when the country voted against establishing a republic, the Queen said in a written statement on results day that she respected and accepted the result.

She spoke of her deep affection for Australia, pledging “faifthfully to serve” as Queen of Australia to the best of her ability.