Poll: Scottish Tories facing 'wipe-out' at general election

The Scottish Tory MPs in 2017
The Scottish Tory MPs in 2017
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The Conservatives face a near wipe-out in Scotland at the next Westminster election, a new poll has suggested.

Scots Tories, still reeling from the shock resignation of party leader Ruth Davidson last week, could be reduced from 13 MPs to just three, a survey for The Times found.

Voters face the prospect of a third general election in four years after MPs took control of the Commons agenda following a crunch Commons vote last night.

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None of the 13 Scottish Tory MPs were among the 21 Conservative rebels who voted against the Government and have been told they will lose the party whip and be barred from standing for the party at the next election.

Nicola Sturgeon's SNP would jump from 35 seats to 51, the polling shows, almost as high as their high-water mark of 2015, when the party secured 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland.

Labour would fare little better in Scotland at a general election, the data suggests, with the party set to fall to fourth place losing six of their seven MPs, while the Liberal Democrats would remain on four.

Holyrood voting intention was also covered in the poll of 1,059 adults in Scotland, with the SNP tipped to remain by far the largest party, though still one seat short of an overall majority.

The party is projected to win 64 seats at the Scottish Parliament, one more than in 2016, with the Tories slipping to 25, the Liberal Democrats gaining ten seats to become the third largest party, with Labour in fourth place on just 12 seats.

A pro-independence majority would still be guaranteed, the data shows, with ten Green MSPs projected, however on the constitutionally question, remaining in the UK had a slight advantage over independence, with 51% of those giving a preference backing a No vote.