Poll: 40% of Scots back SNP’s claim of Westminster ‘power grab’

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Almost half of Scots believe the SNP’s claim that Westminster has subjected Holyrood to a ‘power grab’ as a result of the Brexit legislation.

A poll by Survation showed that four in ten respondents backed Nicola Sturgeon in the row over the distribution of powers in devolved areas that will return from Brussels after the UK leaves the EU.

The poll shows that the 'power grab' row is winning over some voters.

The poll shows that the 'power grab' row is winning over some voters.

The First Minister and her allies have repeatedly complained about the fact that a number of the powers will go to Westminster in the first instance, claiming it amounts to a power grab on the Scottish Parliament.

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For their part the UK Government insists that it is necessary to ensure that the UK’s ‘single market’ has the same rules in a number of areas on all constituent parts of the UK.

However, the Daily Record poll found that 41 per cent of those surveyed agreed there had been a power grab, with 34 per cent of those saying there had not been one.

Powers which are not explicitly reserved are devolved, according to the Scotland Act, but 24 of the powers returning from the EU will be reserved without ‘legislative consent’ from Holyrood.

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SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said: Keith Brown said: “While the Tories try to play the people of Scotland for fools, a clear majority are wise to their planned power grab over Holyrood.

“The arrogance of the Tories to think they can rip up the devolution settlement and transfer powers to Westminster is getting short shrift from voters.”