Police probe Glasgow and Edinburgh voter fraud

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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Police Scotland are to investigate a suspected case of voter fraud in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

One ballot paper is to be handed over to police in the Glasgow East count centre as ballot boxes arrive with two cases of alleged voter fraud also eported in Edinburgh.

It is believed that Glasgow staff know the number of the affected paper and are aware which ballot box it is in.

Only one paper is reported to be involved.

Police Scotland were informed earlier today after two voters gave the same name and address at a Glasgow East polling station.

The ballot paper involved will be taken away from the count centre for investigation.

Police Scotland are investigating two suspected cases of personation in the Capital, affecting two separate constituencies.

The ballot papers in question were cast at the Southside Community Centre in Edinburgh South and in the Gorgie /Dalry polling station in Edinburgh South West.

A spokesperson from the City of Edinburgh Council said: “Polling staff raised concerns over two possible cases of voter personation. This was immediately reported to Police Scotland who are now investigating.”

Personation is a type of electoral fraud in which a voter uses another person’s name and address to cast a vote.

It typically comes to light when a second person gives the same name and address at the polling station to find their name has already been struck off the list.

Scottish voters are not currently required to show identification at polling stations.

It comes after 10 counts of electoral fraud were reported in Glasgow in the Scottish independence referendum in September.

Voters are not currently required to present identification at Scottish polling stations and are identified by their name and address only.