Police called in as vandals rudely alter Tory MP's Robert Buckland's name on election poster

The rude alteration has been condemned by fellow MPs.
The rude alteration has been condemned by fellow MPs.
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Tory Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has been forced to call police - after vandals changed his his election poster to read - Robert F*ckland.

The prankster covered part of the first letter of the 51-year-old's surname with white paint so that the first syllable was turned into a profanity.

Robert, standing for MP in south Swindon, said: "I have been made aware of the vandalism of my election poster which has appeared on Wootton Bassett Road and will be reporting it to the police."

Mr Buckland's political opponents were quick to criticise the graffiti artist's derogatory work.

Labour candidate Sarah Church said: "I don't agree with or condone defacing things like this. It's childish. That billboard is very well-placed but is very accessible and that leaves it open to vandalism, unfortunately.

"One of the reasons I chose not to have a billboard and decided to spend the money on other things was because I thought there was a danger of something like this happening."

Liberal Democrat candidate Stan Pajak said: "I'm very much against it. People's appreciation of politicians in general seems to be at an all-time low, politics is in a poor state right now and this is symptomatic of that. It's a very strange election."

Shockingly, vandalism to political billboards is becoming a common occurrence across the UK.

Graffiti on two Conservative Party billboards in the Cotswolds turned simple signs with the party's logo and name into the phrases 'Conservatives kill the poor' and 'Conservatives save the rich'.

Mr Buckland is contesting the South Swindon seat.