PMQs: ‘Leaving single market will have horrifying impact on Scotland’

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Leaving the single market will have a “horrifying” impact on families in Scotland - costing each citizen almost £2,300, Prime Minster Theresa May has been told.

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford accused Ms May of not having a “shred of economic analysis” on the impact of leaving the EU single market.

The SNPs Westminster Leader Ian Blackford. Picture: Parliament TV

The SNPs Westminster Leader Ian Blackford. Picture: Parliament TV

Mr Blackford, speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, told Ms May leaving the single market was “folly”.

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He said: “Can the Prime Minister tell the House what official advice she has had on the impact of the UK economy from leaving the EU Single Market and when she requested any such advice?”

Ms May responded: “I have to say to the honourable gentleman that of course as we go through the Brexit negotiations we are constantly looking at the impact of decisions that are taken will have on our economy.

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“What we want to ensure is that we maintain good access, good comprehensive free trade agreement with the European Union while also as leaving the European Union we will be able to ensure that we get good free trade agreements with other parts of the world.”

Mr Blackford said: “Nineteen months after the EU referendum and the Prime Minister has not a shred of economic analysis on the impact of leaving the single market.

“On Monday the Scottish Government published its second analysis paper revealing some horrifying facts, leaving the single market will cost each Scottish citizen up to £2,300 a year.

“How many jobs have to be lost and how much of a hit will families take before the Prime Minister recognises the folly of leaving the single market?”

Ms May quoted GDP figures at Mr Blackford, comparing Scotland’s growth figures to the rest of the UK.

She added: “My economic analysis, 1.7% is higher than 0.6%. You’re better off in a Conservative Government than an SNP one.”

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