Plans to end three-year bar on abuse cases

Historic survivors of child abuse will benefit from the removal of a “significant hurdle” to court justice under plans to end time limits on civil cases, the Scottish Government has said.

Picture: TSPL

Ministers today unveiled plans for a consultation to remove the three year “time-bar” period in civil cases.

It hinders victims of historic child abuse when they seek to bring civil action against their abusers.

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Community Safety and Legal Affairs, Paul Wheelhouse said: “Survivors of historic abuse have to live with the consequences of the traumatic crimes committed against them which can leave mental and physical scars for the rest of their lives and the impact can be devastatingly far-reaching and long-term.

“Scotland is one of the few countries in the world with dedicated support to try and help survivors overcome the negative impacts upon their lives, with the support services from SurvivorScotland.

“For survivors, time-bar is a significant hurdle which can deny them access to justice and can place added stress on people who are already living with the consequences of the abuse they have suffered.”

The proposal to remove historic child abuse cases from the scope of the time-bar is to be part of a consultation announced today by the Scottish Government.