‘People power’ to fight for Union

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A “GRASS-ROOTS campaign” against independence has been launched, with the aim of gathering support across the pro-Union political divide.

The organisers of One Dynamic Nation said the campaign would “move away from the tired arguments” in favour of the Union and instead seek the views of people across Scotland.

Glasgow Conservative councillor and campaign spokesman David Meikle said: “I think we need to start now with a people-powered grass-roots campaign, because I think for too long the politicians have had their say about the benefits of the Union and remaining part of the UK.

“I think what we want to start is an organisation that is about the people of Scotland and the benefits of being in the United Kingdom.

“Our campaign wants to move away from the tired arguments and the political arguments. We want to engage with the Scottish people.”

Mr Meikle said there were political, economic and social arguments for remaining in the Union, and the campaign aimed to “dispel” SNP calls for independence.

He warned against splits along party political lines, insisting: “We want to make sure this is a cross-party campaign.”

He added: “For too long, pro-Union campaigns have been run by London, by English politicians – people like David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

“I don’t really want them to be involved – this should be about the people of Scotland and Scottish politicians.”

The launch of the campaign comes as Labour leader Mr Miliband refused to say this week whether he would share a pro-Union platform with the Prime Minister.

Other senior Labour figures, such as shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy, have ruled out standing alongside Mr Cameron.