Opinion Polls

Opinion Polls

What the latest polls tell us about Scottish independence

Brexit may be preoccupying most political minds this festive season but in Scotland there is always another constitutional issue bubbling below the surface.

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Poll: SNP set to lose pro-independence majority

The SNP is set to lose their pro-independence majority at the Scottish Parliament at the next election as Labour make up ground, according to a new poll.


Ruth Davidson rejects poll predicting 3rd place for Tories at Holyrood

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has dismissed the results of a poll which predicted her party will fall to third place at the next Holyrood election.


Brexit: Theresa May facing ‘real possibility’ of Withdrawal Bill defeat

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing the “real possibility” of Commons defeat on her flagship Brexit bill unless MPs are guaranteed a “meaningful vote” on leaving the EU, Tory rebels have warned.

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