No successor for £60m axed police IT project

The police watchdog has said there will be no successor to a £60 million IT project which was scrapped earlier this year amid ongoing glitches.

The i6 project was abandoned earlier this year

The controversial i6 scheme was abandoned after the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), Police Scotland and technology firm Accenture agreed to end their contract.

Andrew Flanagan, SPA chairman, said there would be no replacement for the scheme.

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He said: “In this day and age you wouldn’t embark [again] on a strategy to deliver an IT system covering such a wide field and do it in a big bang approach. It was almost inevitable that was not going to work.

“The question is how we plug the gap that has been created by i6 not being delivered.

“There are a number of parts of systems that are already in place that can be upgraded. I actually don’t there will be a significant issue for us in terms of i6 not being delivered. There will be no ‘son of i6’.”