No apology for using London money - Jim Murphy

Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy . Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy . Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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SCOTTISH Labour will put the needs of Scotland first when creating policy under a new doctrine the party has dubbed “Murphy’s Law”.

New leader Jim Murphy said he will never apologise for using UK taxes to fund distinctly Scottish policies, such as his pledge to use taxes mainly taken from London millionaires to pay for 1,000 extra nurses in Scotland.
He will present a redrafted version of Scottish Labour’s constitution to the party’s Scottish executive today, emphasising his desire to “put Scotland first” without “giving up solidarity with people across the UK”.


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Tory London Mayor Boris Johnston accused Labour of being “fiscally vindictive towards the south east of England, in order to try to bribe the Scots to vote Labour” with its UK mansion tax and related Scottish nursing pledge.

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Mr Murphy said: “Boris Johnson has called Scottish Labour plans for 1,000 extra nurses ‘vindictive’.

“Well, I’m never going to apologise for using taxes raised across the UK to fund the Scottish NHS. I will always make policy in Scotland that is for the good of the country. The new Clause 4 sets the principles behind my leadership in stone.

“Scottish Labour is now under new leadership. I am determined to meet the real challenge we face to persuade our fellow Scots to support us. By voting for us they will be voting for Scotland.

“We’ll be doing all we can in the run-up to the general election in May to show that it is only by voting for Labour that you can get rid of the Tories.”

He added: “When I spoke just after being elected leader I said that Scottish Labour needed to change to be stronger for Scotland.

“Under my leadership no-one will be left in any doubt that we call the shots in Scotland, that we stand up for Scotland and we put Scotland first.

“I’ve already spoken about Labour supporters who voted Yes in the referendum and how we intend to win them back.

“Yes voters wanted change and I will deliver that. With me, voting for and joining Scottish Labour will be supporting a party that is committed to a permanent, powerful Scottish Parliament.”


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