Nigel Farage set to launch Ukip manifesto in Edinburgh

Nigel Farage is to visit Edinburgh next week to launch Ukip's Scottish election campaign.

Picture: Getty
Picture: Getty

The politician was forced to seek refuge inside the Canon’s Gait pub on the Royal Mile during his 2013 visit to the city. The following year he was confronted by hundreds of protesters at the city’s Corn Exchange.

Mr Farage will be back in Edinburgh on Thursday 7 April to launch his party’s Holyrood manifesto ahead of May’s election. Activists have warned that Mr Farage’s brand of politics is not welcome in Edinburgh, although left-wing groups such as RISE stopped short of saying he was not welcome in the city.

Scottish Ukip leader and MEP David Coburn dismissed the level of opposition Mr Farage could expect during his visit to Scotland.

He said: “Last time it was just few crusty privileged middle-class leftists, champagne socialists and Che Guevara people from Morningside and Milngavie having a good old moan. It wasn’t serious. We didn’t see lots of decent working men and women moaning and complaining.”