Nicola Sturgeon: Young Scots flouting Covid rules ‘made me want to cry.’

Nicola Sturgeon has said that pictures of young Scots flouting social distancing rules "made me want to cry" as she warned that lockdown measures could be re-imposed on pubs in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon warned pubs may face fresh lockdown
Nicola Sturgeon warned pubs may face fresh lockdown

The First Minister spoke out as she revealed that 13 positive cases have so far been linked with a cluster at the Hawthorn bar in Aberdeen over the weekend.

But there have been no new deaths from Covid in Scotland over the past 24 hours among people who have tested positive, meaning more than a fortnight has now passed without any fatalities.

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But there have been 18 new cases and the SNP leader admitted she was alarmed that many younger Scots are disregarding social distancing rules aimed at suppressing the spread of the virus.

"Across the country and across social media we're seeing evidence and it is largely younger people gathering together with little or no physical distancing in place,” she told the daily Coronavirus briefing today.

"I've seen pictures on social media over this weekend which not to put to fine a point on it made me want to cry looking at them."

She added: "Every time one person throws caution to the wind and flouts the rules, the reality is that they put all of us at risk and they make the job of everybody working to try to control this virus that much harder."

Ms Sturgeon urged Scots to take responsibility in the battle to keep the virus under control or face a fresh lockdown.

"I urge all of you to please follow the rules - not just for yourself although it is for your own health and wellbeing, but it's also about your friends and members of your family,” she added.

"And also about the good of the country and the economy so that we don't have to put restrictions on hospitality back in place.

"Because, be in no doubt, if we have to do that we will because we will have no choice."



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