Nicola Sturgeon: SNP to stand up for Scotland's young people

Nicola Sturgeon launched an appeal on Saturday to the nation's youth insisting the SNP will create the opportunities to see them get ahead in life.

Nicola Sturgeon vowed to keep free university tuition

The First Minister hit the election campaign trail in East Dunbartonshire where the Nationalists' John Nicolson is facing a tough challenge from Jo Swinson of the Liberal Democrats on June 8.

Ms Sturgeon insisted that the SNP manifesto being launched next week will commit the party to investing in education, including the protection of free university tuition, as well as putting forward proposals at Westminster to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote in all elections.

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“Now more than ever we need strong SNP voices at Westminster standing up for Scotland’s young people," Ms Sturgeon said.

“Young people are our future — the most valuable resource that we have — and it’s important that we create the best opportunities for them to get ahead in life and to achieve their potential.

Next week's SNP manifesto will include a pledge to axe the so called "rape clause." Changes to the benefits system mean women who have a third child won't get child benefit - unless they can show that the child has been conceived through rape, prompting anger over the humiliation faced by the women involved.

Housing benefit will also be provided to those who need it, amid concerns that Tory cuts have put more young people at risk of homelessness.

“The Tories think they can get away with passing the burden of deeper cuts and further austerity on to families, which can often hit children the hardest," Ms Sturgeon wen on.

"The SNP will never sit idly by and let them take those opportunities away.

“In government, we have made education our priority in Scotland — investing in a transformation in early years education and childcare and making sure that university students don’t get lumped with a £27,000 bill just for the opportunity to learn.

“In our manifesto, the SNP will set out measures to protect young people and to reverse Tory cuts."