Nicola Sturgeon briefing LIVE: 775 new Covid-19 cases in Scotland

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Nicola Sturgeon (left) called Margaret Ferrier's (right) trip to Westminster after testing positive for Covid-19 "indefensible".

Coronavirus in Scotland LIVE: Friday, October 2, 2020

Key Events

  • 775 new cases in Scotland
  • 4 confirmed deaths in last 24 hours
  • FM calls for Margaret Ferrier to quit
  • Donald Trump tests positive for coronavirus
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Sturgeon: 775 new cases in Scotland

Ian Murray MP calls for SNP to ‘come clean'

Shadow Scotland secretary Ian Murray urged the SNP to “come clean” over what it knew about Margaret Ferrier’s decision to travel to and from Westminster with coronavirus symptoms.

Mr Murray shared a letter written to the party’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford asking a series of questions including how Ms Ferrier travelled to and from the Commons, how many people she came into contact with and when the SNP was informed that she would be returning to Scotland.

He tweeted: “It is paramount that the SNP come clean on the facts about Ms Ferrier for the sake of the health of everyone in Parliament and with whom she has come into contact. Their explanations so far don’t add up and contradict each other. Not good enough.”

Sturgeon briefing scheduled for 12:15pm

NI may require a ‘circuit breaker’ this winter

Northern Ireland may require more than one “circuit break” lockdown during the winter, Stormont’s chief scientific adviser has said.

Professor Ian Young said it would be sensible for people to plan for the prospect of multiple periods of lockdown over the coming months, though he stressed it was still not clear whether they would definitely be required.

He said there are several options open to the Stormont executive in terms of added restrictions.

“Probably one of the most effective is certainly this idea of a circuit breaker or a relatively short-term lockdown,” he told BBC Radio Ulster’s Nolan Show.

“I don’t think that a single period of lockdown or circuit breaker would be sufficient to get us right through the winter.”

Professor Young added: “I think it would be sensible to plan for the possibility of one or more periods of circuit break over the course of this winter.

“I don’t know, I can’t say, whether that’s something that will be required, but I think it would be sensible to plan for it.”

People living alone under lockdown in Wales can meet one other household indoors

People living alone in areas of Wales under local lockdown will be able to meet one other household indoors, the First Minister has said.

There are currently tighter restrictions in 16 areas of Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea and parts of North Wales, affecting more than 2.3 million people.

Under the local lockdown rules, people have only been able to meet people from outside their household outdoors – with indoor meetings banned and extended households suspended.

On Friday, Mark Drakeford said those living alone in the areas would be able to form an exclusive “bubble” with one other household in the same county.

This could be a person meeting indoors with a family, or with another adult from a single household.

“We are easing the restrictions so that single adult households will be able to form an alliance with one other household from within that county area,” Mr Drakeford told BBC Breakfast.

“The idea is to ease some of that sense of loneliness, isolation, not being able to talk to anyone else.

“There’s more than one form of harm from coronavirus and a sense of mental wellbeing is an important thing that we can make a difference to through this change.”

Mr Drakeford will give further details at a press conference later today.

Sturgeon: Ferrier must go

PM wishes Trumps well

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who needed hospital treatment after falling ill with coronavirus, has wished Donald and Melania Trump well after the couple tested positive for Covid-19.

He tweeted: “My best wishes to President Trump and the First Lady. Hope they both have a speedy recovery from coronavirus.”

Scottish Tory leader on Margaret Ferrier

Scottish Conservatives leader Douglas Ross branded SNP politician Margaret Ferrier’s decision to travel between London and Glasgow on a train while suffering Covid-19 symptoms as “reckless and dangerous”.

It emerged on Thursday evening that Ms Ferrier had travelled to Parliament while feeling unwell, and returned to her constituency on public transport after testing positive for the virus.

Speaking to Times Radio, Mr Ross said: “We expect politicians to lead by example and follow the guidance we are setting – we are law-makers.

“Margaret Ferrier was part of the process to enable these laws to be enacted across the country and her actions are reckless, they are dangerous, they are undermining everything we are doing as a country to try and get on top of this virus.”

He criticised the SNP, saying: “There’s an awful lot of questions to be answered here as to when the SNP found out.”

He said the party might have been aware as early as Monday evening when Ms Ferrier first asked to be granted a proxy vote.

Mr Ross himself resigned as a Government minister over his party’s refusal to condemn Dominic Cummings’ trip to Durham with his family at the height of lockdown while suffering coronavirus symptoms.

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