Nazi group set up homeless food bank in Glasgow

NEO-nazi white supremacists set up a stall in Glasgow city centre offering food and clothes to white homeless people.

The stall was set up on Argyll Street. Picture: John Devlin
The stall was set up on Argyll Street. Picture: John Devlin

National Action, a group of Hitler-sympathising fascists who have admitted that they are engaging in propaganda, recently joined forces with a Polish party of a similar persuasion, The National Revival of Poland.

Together they chose outside the St Enoch Centre in the heart of Glasgow to spread their message.

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An expert on fascism at Cambridge University, Dr John Pollard, told Vice Magazine that it is quite common for such groups put a lot of time and effort into these ventures.

“This is nothing new: the NSDA/SA [the original Nazis] invested heavily in social outreach during the Great Depression in Weimar Germany and this was institutionalised into the Winterlife – literally, ‘winter help’ – after they came to power,” he said.

A Police Scotland Spokesman said that officers were called to the attended St Enoch Centre at the end of August when the stall was set-up but were unable to take action as nothing illegal was taking place.