MPs will get '˜take it or leave it' vote on final Brexit deal

MPs will be given a 'take it or leave it' vote on the government's Brexit deal, the Leader of the House of Commons confirmed yesterday, prompting claims that parliament was being stripped of sovereignty.

Andrea Leadsom told MPs that in voting on the Brexit deal, they would have to “recognise the question that will be in reality be before the United Kingdom, and that is whether or not to accept the deal that the government has negotiated with the European Union”.

Opposition parties have said they will seek to amend the motion that presents Theresa May’s Brexit deal for approval, in a bid to soften it or force a second referendum on EU membership.

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Shadow chancellor John McDonnell said: “By trying to deny MPs a meaningful vote on their Brexit deal May and Raab have blundered into turning this issue into a fundamental question of parliamentary sovereignty and democracy in our country.

Brexit negotiations are ongoing.

“Any self-respecting MP would never allow this to happen.

And the pro-EU Tory MP Nicky Morgan warned ministers: “This appears to be an attempt by the executive to frustrate our sovereign parliament – it is clumsy, it won’t succeed and it shows how hollow ‘taking back control’ was for some people.”