MPs to examine implications of differing EU vote results

MPs are set to examine the myriad of possible outcomes following the EU referendum vote. Picture: Contributed
MPs are set to examine the myriad of possible outcomes following the EU referendum vote. Picture: Contributed
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A committee of MPs is to probe the consequences of different parts of the UK voting different ways in the European Union (EU) referendum.

Members of the Scottish Affairs Committee will consider the matter as they look at the impact leaving the EU - or staying in it - would have north of the border.

Voters will decide whether or not the UK should remain part of the EU in a nationwide referendum on June 23.

Polls have shown Scots are more strongly in favour of staying in, resulting in the possibility the country could have to leave the EU against its wishes if the UK as a whole backs “Brexit”.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly warned such a scenario could spark a second independence referendum.

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As well as looking at the ramifications of the different nations of the UK voting in different ways, the MPs will hear from various sectors, including farming, industry and the university sector, on how the referendum result could affect them.

UK Government ministers on both sides will also be questioned as part of the inquiry.

Committee chair Pete Wishart said: “I’m sure everyone in Scotland is in no doubt of the importance of this referendum.

“They are being asked to make a fundamental choice about our future relationship with Europe.

“However, with so many competing voices, it can be difficult to understand how this choice will affect citizens’ day-to-day lives.

“We are holding these evidence sessions to seek to understand the specific issues for Scotland and how the likely results will impact on our Scotland’s future relationship with Europe.

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“We look forward to hearing from representatives from key Scottish industries, such as farming, industry and higher education, about their views of the implications of voting to leave or remain.

“We are also keen to hear from the campaigns on both sides of this debate to make sure the views they are setting are subjected to scrutiny ahead of the vote on June 23.”

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