MP Alan Johnson attacks Tory Eurosceptics’ ‘tide of drivel’

Alan Johnson MP. Picture: Getty
Alan Johnson MP. Picture: Getty
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MP Alan Johnson yesterday said a “tide of drivel” from Eurosceptic Conservatives was demeaning the debate on EU membership.

The veteran Labour MP attacked prominent Conservatives who are campaigning to leave the EU when he addressed the Scottish Labour Conference.

Johnson, who is leading Labour’s In campaign, said: “Senior Tories such as Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Chris Grayling were supposed to elevate the ‘Leave’ campaign to new levels.

“All they’ve managed to do in my view is demean it.

“Boris Johnson claims that Europe has tried to ban prawn cocktail crisps. Michael Gove says that he could hardly make a decision as a government minister that wasn’t overruled by the EU.”

He also accused Chris Grayling of an “infantile whinge” when he claimed that Britain was always outvoted on the European Council of Ministers.

Johnson also attacked the SNP, saying: “The irony of the SNP’s belief that they should leave their closest and most beneficial union – the UK – but remain within the EU for social, political, cultural and economic reasons is something I will never comprehend.”