Most voters think Yes is running better campaign

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Fiona Hyslop, Shona Robison, Angela Constance and Aileen Campbell. Picture: SWNS
Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Fiona Hyslop, Shona Robison, Angela Constance and Aileen Campbell. Picture: SWNS
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Most Scots believe the pro-independence side is running the better referendum campaign, a survey has shown.

Fifty-one per cent of voters think Yes Scotland has run the more effective campaign so far in the debate, compared with 23 per cent for Better Together.

Among No voters, 36 per cent think Better Together has run the more effective campaign, only slightly ahead of the 33 per cent for Yes Scotland.

Fifty per cent of undecided voters believe Yes Scotland has been more effective, against only 14 per cent who are more impressed with the Better Together campaign.

Mark Diffley, director of pollster Ipsos Mori Scotland, said: “With 100 days to go until votes are cast in the independence referendum, the focus will increasingly be on the two campaigns to win over the remaining undecided and wavering voters.

“With this in mind, these results will provide a boost to the Yes campaign and give Better Together food for thought.

“However, since the poll also shows a lead for No in voting intentions, these results highlight that views on the effectiveness of campaigns do not directly equate to how votes will be cast.”

Sarah-Jane Walls, Yes Scotland’s operations manager, said: ‘This is an extremely encouraging poll, finding that people believe the Yes campaign has been more effective than No by a majority of more than two-to-one.

“It is particularly encouraging that undecided voters prefer Yes by nearly four-to-one – which reflects our own research that as people makes up their minds, most decide in favour of Yes.”

Separate research has suggested twice as many undecided voters are switching to Yes than choosing No.

Polling carried out by Yes Scotland found that for every ten people who have moved from undecided since the autumn, seven have become Yes voters while three have shifted to No.

It also shows that the percentage of those likely to vote has risen to 89 per cent from 82 per cent, with 78 per cent very likely and 11 per cent quite likely.

Yes Scotland chief executive Blair Jenkins said: “All over Scotland, people from all walks of life have been inspired to get involved in the Yes campaign.”


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