Most Scots unaware of Armed Forces losses since 1945

The Three Services escort the Queen's carriage in Edinburgh in 1999. Picture: Jon Savage/TSPL
The Three Services escort the Queen's carriage in Edinburgh in 1999. Picture: Jon Savage/TSPL
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The vast majority of Scots are unaware that more than 7,000 UK Armed Forces personnel have died in conflict since 1945, a survey has found.

It also revealed more than a third of Scots are unaware of any of the conflicts which British troops are currently involved in, while 84 per cent did know the number of casualties since World War II.

The number of deaths includes both combat and peacekeeping missions.

The figures were released by the Forces Network ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

It also found 61 per cent of Scots think that schools should teach pupils more about conflicts that the British Armed Forces have been involved in since WWII.

Ian Beckett, honorary professor of military history at the University of Kent, said: “There is understandable emphasis upon the commemoration of the two world wars with the ongoing centenary of the Great War and of the 75th anniversary of the Second World War. The public is also aware of recent conflicts such as Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“The significance and value of the Remembrance Campaign is that it reminds us of those many other occasions since 1914 on which servicemen and women have made the ultimate sacrifice in defence of this country.”

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Lord Richards of Herstmonceux, former Chief of the Defence Staff, said: “It is very disappointing that the public does not know more about the Armed Forces’ role in defending our country and our allies.

“It is always important, especially at this Remembrance time of year, to think about those thousands of people who have given their lives for our country since the end of World War 2. I would urge the government to make the history of modern conflicts a compulsory subject in our schools to help youngsters better understand and respect the freedoms and lives they enjoy today. In truth, we don’t know where the next conflict will be but our armed forces stand ready for any eventuality.”