Michelle Mone defends House of Lords attendance amid calls to quit

Businesswoman and Conservative peer Michelle Mone has said she is '˜proud' to be a member of the House of Lords after she was criticised for her poor attendance record.

Michelle Mone. Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire
Michelle Mone. Picture: Philip Toscano/PA Wire

Baroness Mone, who was ennobled by then-Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, is under pressure to resign after parliamentary authorities disclosed that her ‘abscence rate’ was 88 per cent.

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Michelle Mone launches blistering attack on '˜SNP moron' MP

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The businesswoman, best known for founding the Ultimo lingerie brand, was in attendance at the upper chamber of Parliament on just 19 days out of a possible 157.

‘Lady Mone’, as the peer styles herself, has been prominent in the controversial world of cryptocurrency over the past 18 months, even helping launching a new ‘investment platform’.

SNP MSP Rona Mackay told the Times: “Michelle Mone is the ultimate poster girl for the abolition of the Lords and is increasingly an embarrassment to the Scottish Tories and Ruth Davidson.

“While Westminster politics faces the chaos and financial ruin of Brexit, one of its toughest challenges for generations, she’s been missing in action.

“Lady Mone is a pointless peer, and a ludicrous waste of public money. Little wonder there are fresh calls for the Layabout Lady of Mayfair to resign.

“Better still, we should abolish the Lords altogether and chuck all the hasbeens, failed politicians, aristocrats and party cronies off the public payroll.”

A spokesperson for the businesswoman hit back: ““Baroness Mone is proud to be part of the House of Lords. She is also a fulltime businesswoman and a fully committed mum.

“This year she has launched a global business as well as overseeing her other companies but will always take her duties in the House of Lords very seriously.”