Majority back same-sex marriage plan

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More than two-thirds of Scots believe religious organisations should have the right to decide whether to conduct same-sex marriages, according to a new poll.

The Ipsos Mori survey found 68 per cent of the 1,003 people asked, agreed that religious organisations should be able to marry same-sex couples if they want to.

The survey results, which show 64 per cent support for same-sex marriage, come as the Scottish Government is due to publish the results of its consultation on the issue this month.

Conducted on behalf of the Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament, the poll reveals 26 per cent remain opposed to the move and 21 per cent disagree with the statement over the rights of religious groups to conduct marriages.

The Scottish Government “tends towards the view” that same-sex marriage should be introduced but that faith groups should not be obliged to solemnise the ceremonies.