Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

Harriet Harman says next Labour leader must be a woman

Labour’s next leadership election should be a women-only contest, Harriet Harman has said.

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New Labour general secretary Jennie Formby

Jeremy Corbyn ally named as Labour’s new general secretary

A union official has been appointed Labour’s new general secretary, becoming only the second woman to hold the post.

Shadow transport minister Karl Turner

Labour Party MP accused of slapping cancer survivor on the bottom

A Labour Party frontbencher has been accused of slapping a cancer survivor and making crude comments to her.

Deputy First Minister John Swinney. Picture: PA

Scottish education reforms branded John Swinney’s ‘power grab’

Scottish Government education reforms have been branded an “educational power grab” led by Deputy First Minister John Swinney.

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reacts with Richard Leonard after giving his keynote speech to the Scottish Labour Party Conference at Caird Hall in Dundee: Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Splits and rows laid bare during gaffe-strewn Labour opening day

As delegates gathered at Dundee’s Caird Hall, the writing was on the wall that this would be a gaffe-strewn conference – quite literally.

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Scottish Labour misspell party founder’s name in major embarrassment

Scottish Labour have made a horror spelling mistake at today’s party conference in Dundee.

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Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech on Brexit. Picture: Ben Stansallben/Getty Images

Corbyn sets sights on winning 20 more Westminster Scotland seats

Jeremy Corbyn will today claim Labour is on the cusp of winning 20 more Westminster seats in Scotland when he addresses the Scottish Labour Party conference.

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The Queen greets Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at Buckingham Palace. Picture: Getty

Cross-party calls for ban on Saudi arms sales

Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of “colluding” in war crimes by Saudi forces engaged in Yemen’s bitter civil war as the start of a three-day visit by the Kingdom’s crown prince was greeted with protests.

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Labour's warring factions may eventually come to thank each other (Picture: Getty)

Paris Gourtsoyannis: How Corbyn may have saved the Labour party

If they look across the Channel at the demise of traditional left-wing parties, Labour’s warring factions might thank each other, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis.

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Keir Starmer discussing Brexit. Picture: BBC

Corbyn weaponises Labour’s Brexit policy by pledging new EU customs deal

Jeremy Corbyn will confirm his support for staying in a customs union with the EU and building a “new and strong relationship with the single market” in a speech bringing Labour’s Brexit policy into focus.

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Richard Leonard has struck a more strident Eurosceptic tone than his boss. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA

Leonard faces soft-Brexit revolt as Corbyn rethinks

Richard Leonard faces a Brexit revolt by Labour members at his first party conference as leader, with local constituency parties demanding that he embrace continued membership of the single market and customs union.

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Tory MP apologises to Jeremy Corbyn over "wholly untrue" spying tweet

Tory MP apologises to Jeremy Corbyn over "wholly untrue" spying tweet

A Conservative MP who tweeted that Jeremy Corbyn had “sold secrets to the Communists” has apologised and made a donation to charity.

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Jeremy Corbyn arrives to deliver a speech at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. Picture: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal security ‘may be in danger’

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal security may have been put in danger by newspapers and political opponents branding him a terrorist sympathiser, a spokesman for the Labour leader has said.

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Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North.

Brian Monteith: Jeremy Corbyn has some explaining to do over Czech spy meetings

The Labour leader has some explaining to do to retain the trust of his party’s supporters, writes Brian Monteith.

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Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Jeremy Corbyn leaves flowers for deceased rough sleeper

Flowers and a card signed by Jeremy Corbyn have been laid where a rough sleeper was found dead a stone’s throw from Parliament.

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Jeremy Corbyn with Richard Leonard

Jeremy Corbyn says Scotland can ‘turn the corner’ under Labour

Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour still has a lot of campaigning to do to win back support in Scotland as he rounded off a visit north of the Border.

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Labour believes Jeremy Corbyn would beat a Conservative party led by Boris Johnson (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Paris Gourtsoyannis: Labour can worry about the polls later

The next election isn’t going to be fought on today’s battlefield, writes Paris Gourtsoyannis.

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Jeremy Corbyn meets with local party supporters and residents during a walkabout in Penicuik, Midlothian. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour administration ‘desperately needed’ at Holyrood

A Labour administration is “desperately” needed at Holyrood to stop Conservative cuts being passed on to local communities, Jeremy Corbyn will say today.

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Jeremy Corbyn will join Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard on a short tour of the country this week. Picture: John Devlin

Race row threatens to overshadow Jeremy Corbyn visit to Scotland

Scottish Labour has come under renewed pressure over its response to racist and homophobic comments by one of its MPs, with an SNP minister claiming it was “a slap in the face for every single ethnic minority [person] in the country”.

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Jeremy Corbyn's double-act with his deputy leader John McDonnell is the reason why Labour has failed to make any ground on the Tories in opinion polls, says Brian Monteith. Picture: Getty Images

Brian Monteith: Why are Labour not ten points ahead in the polls?

At this stage of the election cycle, the government should not be more popular than the opposition. But the Tories are four points ahead. It’s the effect of the Corbyn and McDonnell double act, says Brian Monteith

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