Alex Salmond to host three-hour weekend radio show

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Former first minister Alex Salmond is to host a “fiery” new weekend radio show from this weekend.

Advance publicity for “Salmond on Sunday” promises a packed programme full of fiery debate, intelligent discussion, breaking news and informed opinion.”

Former First Minister Alex Salmond at the Fringe. Picture: Lesley Martin/PA Wire

Former First Minister Alex Salmond at the Fringe. Picture: Lesley Martin/PA Wire

From Sunday, Mr Salmond will take over the 3pm to 6pm slot to join a stable of broadcasters that includes Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien, Shelagh Fogarty, Iain Dale and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Despite the length of the show, Mr Salmond will not resort to spinning discs. There will be no music on the show, which will be dominated by phone-ins and chats with special guests.

Mr Salmond’s elevation to the prime Sunday slot comes after he hosted a half-hour weekly phone in with Mr Dale. This time, however, Mr Salmond will take on all the presenting duties himself.

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“I’m really excited by Salmond on Sunday on LBC,” Mr Salmond said last night. “This is a great spot to lead Britain’s conversation.

“We will pick up the hot topics from the week’s news and look toward what will make the headlines in the week to come. It is the quality of the conversation with the listeners which makes LBC shows. I am looking forward to the talk and the tweets.”

James Rea, LBC’s managing editor, said: “As a huge figure in British politics, Alex Salmond is widely recognised as a 
defining figure for Scottish nationalism.

“Armed with 30 years of experience, he is the ideal person to take on the nation’s most important and controversial issues.”

Mr Rea added: “We’re very pleased to welcome him to LBC and look forward to his new show.”

Others, however, were not quite so enthusiastic. Tory MSP Murdo Fraser said: “This sounds like the perfect time for a post Sunday lunch snooze. The voters of Gordon, who kicked out Mr Salmond in June’s General Election will be glad that the LBC signal does not reach as far as the North East.”

Mr Salmond’s desire to stay in the limelight may also raise a few eyebrows in SNP HQ. During his fringe chat show Alex Salmond Unleashed, the former SNP leader faced accusations of sexism after making a crude joke involving Nicola Sturgeon, Theresa May, Melania Trump and Ruth Davidson.

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HLBC styles itself as the only radio station to give its audience direct access to high profile political figures through programmes such as Speak to Sadiq with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

The LBC blurb describes Mr Salmond as a “natural performer”, a tag that could equally be applied to his 30-year career in elected politics which came to an abrupt end – for the time being at least – when the voters of Gordon rejected him.

Those looking forward to his new radio show can expect some high profile guests.

During his chat-show style fringe show saw him appear on stage with comedians and politicians including John Bishop and Brexit Secretary David Davis, an old friend from his House of Commons days.