Letters: Nicola Sturgeon is right not to suspend Alex Salmond in face of allegations

Nicola Sturgeon is most likely correct in her view that there is no legal basis in suspending Alex Salmond from the SNP (your report, 27 August), but there is another, more straightforward reason for not having to do this either.

Previous SNP politicians who needed to be investigated over alleged wrongdoings – Michelle Thomson MP, Natalie McGarry MP, Mark McDonald MSP – were all suspended from the ­party because they held public office on behalf of the SNP at the time.

In these cases, there was a clear public interest in the cases being properly investigated. Mr Salmond holds no such office, and it is really down to the SNP themselves to determine whether his being a member is damaging to their reputation or not.

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Alex Salmond begins legal action against Scottish Government
Former First Minister Alex Salmond with Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: TSPL

What this case highlights is that Alex Salmond is an ex- politician, important once, but not now. He has no current political relevance. His time has now gone and he should have realised in 2017 that when the Tories become more popular than you are, then it is time to go.

What is important now is seeing that justice is done, for both parties. Whether Salmond remains an SNP ­member or not is irrelevant. We all need to keep a discreet distance from this issue and let the necessary procedures take place.

By all means, given his former profile, sit back with the popcorn if you wish, but beyond that, the less public commentary on this matter the better until the courts and the police have had their say. All the noise around this case simply reinforces the reason why #MeToo was necessary and important.

Victor Clements, Aberfeldy.