Leave marriage alone, head of Free Church of Scotland tells SNP

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THE head of the Free Church of Scotland has called on the Scottish Government to “leave marriage alone” and focus on running the country instead.

The Free Kirk’s Moderator, the Rev Dr Iain Campbell, also urged the government to release the results of its consultation on allowing gay marriage.

Mr Campbell, a minister on the Isle of Lewis, said there was no reason why the information should not be made public.

He said: “There has been much discussion on both sides of the argument in recent weeks, but the responses to the consultation are a primary matter of public interest. Why have they not been released?

“The Scottish Government went to the people of Scotland, now it’s time we heard the result. Marriage is not some sort of political football to be kicked around for the sake of political correctness.”

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We are committed to publishing the consultation, analysis and responses later this month.”

The government was criticised by equality campaigners this week after it delayed a decision on the introduction of gay marriage. A Cabinet sub-committee has been set up to ensure religious organisations that object on moral grounds will be able to overcome legal challenges. An announcement had been expected last Tuesday.