Leader comment: Thanks may be due to Donald and a Beast over potholes

People have been known to become so frustrated with potholes that they have started growing plants in them, in a form of horticultural protest.

A large pothole in Coburg Street in Leith

In Ghana, one wag took this further and planted a whole tree in a particularly large one in the middle of the road.

Few of our politicians will have been inspired to enter the tumult of the democratic process by such mundane matters, but matter it does – and to a great many people.

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Huge repair backlog leaves Edinburgh roads '˜most potholed for 20 years'

For years this problem has been somewhat neglected, but the rash of potholes caused by the recent bad weather brought by the Beast from the East seems to have been a galvanising force.

While we can do little about the weather, attention has turned towards another major culprit: utility companies which dig up the road, but then fail to restore it properly.

Former Edinburgh council leader Donald Anderson recently wrote in this paper of his frustrations with such firms during his time in office.

News that repeat offenders could find themselves facing fines of up to £100,000 will hearten many road users.

And thanks may be due, in part, to Donald and the Beast.