Leader comment: The inspirational wisdom of toddler Isla Nelson

Isla Nelson's inclusion on a list of some of Scotland's most inspiring young women is testament to her eloquence about the issues of the day.

Isla Nelson may not yet have started primary school but she is already a social media sensation because of her entertaining takes on the likes of Donald Trump, Brexit, global warming and some of the great issues of our time.

The eloquence and flair with which the Glaswegian toddler delivers her verdicts – in conversations with her father Mark, a stand-up comedian – is undoubtedly a major part of her appeal, so it is welcome to see her recognised as one of Scotland’s most inspiring young women.

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Some might consider any move to lower the voting age to the pre-school years to be premature, but others deemed by society to be old enough to vote might question whether they are as well informed as young Isla. And, given the depths to which the rhetoric over Brexit has routinely plunged, her thoughts on sharing the sandpit and the need to stand by agreements about whose turn it is should perhaps be required viewing for the UK’s negotiating team in Brussels.