Labour to let Brexit deal pass 'with nod and wink', Nicola Sturgeon claims

The forthcoming general election is likely to dominate this week's FMQs
The forthcoming general election is likely to dominate this week's FMQs
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Nicola Sturgeon has accused Jeremy Corbyn of seeking to allow Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal to pass through Parliament ‘with a nod and a wink’ after Labour made clear it would not remove the whip from MPs who vote for the agreement.

Two Labour MPs have already said they will back the deal when it comes to the Commons tomorrow, and around a dozen more are thought to be considering it.

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell suggested there would be “consequences” for MPs who broke Labour’s three-line whip to back the Brexit deal, but declined to say when asked on Friday if that would include being thrown out of the parliamentary party.

Mr McDonnell said he would “have a chat” with Ronnie Campbell, one of the Labour MPs who said he would back the deal.

Briefing journalists at Westminster, Ms Sturgeon said she had a “suspicion” that Labour would “allow Boris Johnson to get his deal over the line tomorrow”.

"Now I hope I'm wrong about that, but I'm simply surmising from what I'm hearing, you know piecing things together, it seems to me that it is possible we have a situation where Labour have an official position of opposing this deal, but are giving nods and winks to the so called Labour rebels in the hope that there's enough of them that allow it over the line,” the First Minister claimed.

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She added: "I can't speak for the rest of the UK, but in Scotland, I don't think Labour would ever be forgiven for that.

"They're not in the healthiest of positions anyway, but I think it would be the end for Labour in Scotland if they turn out to be the handmaidens of Boris Johnson's Brexit."