Labour looking to form Corbyn led minority government

Emily Thornberry
Emily Thornberry
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Labour front-bencher Emily Thornberry has claimed Labour would seek to form a minority government in a hung parliament.

Reacting to the exit poll suggesting Theresa May would lose her majority, the Shadow Foreign Secretary ruled out a formal coalition but said Labour would seek support from other parties.

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Thornberry claimed Labour was on the verge of an “extraordinary performance”.

“Think of all those who were saying six or seven weeks ago that it was just a question of how big Theresa May’s crown was going to be and how big her majority was going to be,” Ms Thornberry told the BBC.

“For us to have come from such a long way back, supposedly, to now be in a position where it looks tonight we could form the next government is an extraordinary performance on behalf of the Labour Party and shows what we can do when we unite.”

Asked how a Jeremy Corbyn led administration would work, Ms Thornberry said: “We would put forward a Queen’s Speech and a budget. Our Labour MPs would vote for it and we would call on MPs from other parties to vote for it.

“It would then be up to them to explain to their constituents how it was that when given the choice they let the Tories back in again.

“We are not having a coalition. We are not doing any deals. We will put forward our alternative manifesto - our alternative vision for Britain, which has been very popular with the public and we would call on MPs from other parties to vote for it.”

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