Labour calls for puppy farming ban in animal welfare plan

Ending puppy farming, banning shock collars for pets and introducing a licensing system for game bird hunting are among the pledges in Scottish Labour's new animal welfare plan.

Scottish Labour has pledged a clampdown on illegal puppy farms. Picture: Contributed

Further vows include ending the culling of wild animals and considering how to strengthen fox hunting laws.

The party said the blueprint, launched on Sunday, lists animal welfare priorities for the rest of the year.

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David Stewart, Scottish Labour’s spokesman for animal welfare, said: “This SNP Government has been in power for a decade and its record on animal welfare is dismal.

“Despite talking a good game when it suits them, once the Nationalists have charmed the support of those who stand up for animals in Scotland they forget about the issue and move on to the next target audience.

“We want animals to be treated humanely and fairly in Scotland. This isn’t just rhetoric; we believe it is the right thing to do.

“On behalf of my party, I will make sure that I prioritise ensuring all animals in Scotland have a safe habitat, that they live free from cruelty, and that their safety is protected by adequate legislative protection and enforcement.

“That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive action plan which sets out my policy priorities for animal welfare in 2017.”