Jim Murphy: Only Labour can get rid of the Tories

JIM Murphy will next week urge voters to back Labour so that they are not left to “look back in anger and think what might have been” the day after the General Election.

Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy. Picture: John Devlin
Scottish Labour leader, Jim Murphy. Picture: John Devlin

The Scottish Labour leader will launch a pledge card in his East Renfrewshire constituency tomorrow with 10 election promises, including 1,000 extra nurses for Scotland’s NHS, a rise in the minimum wage, an end to zero hour contracts, funding for young people outside education and further powers for the Scottish Parliament over benefits.

Mr Murphy believes another Conservative government will “hold back young Scots” and that Scottish Labour has a vision to make “our country the fairest on earth”.

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In a speech in Neilston, Mr Murphy will say: “The decision we take on May 7 will decide the future of Scotland for years to come.

“We have a once in a generation opportunity to transform the life chances of Scotland’s young people.

“Let’s grasp it with both hands.

“Don’t look back in anger and think what might have been the day after the election.

“Our pledge to the young people of Scotland is this - we will give you a fair shot at life.

“Under Labour, young working class Scots won’t just get a first chance in life. They will get a second and a third chance to succeed.

“Only a vote for Labour will get rid of this rotten, nasty, opportunity-squandering Tory government once and for all.”

The election pledge card is to be distributed to homes across Scotland and also contains vows to guarantee the Barnett Formula, increase bursaries for students and to create a £175 million fund to tackle the causes of poverty and end the need for foodbanks.