Jeremy Corbyn: Labour has suffered 'unbelievable abuse' during general election campaign

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Jeremy Corbyn has began the final day of election campaigning in Glasgow where he declared that Labour's principles were "stronger than ever" despite "unbelievable levels of abuse" from some sections of the media and right-wing politicians.

Beginning a six-stop tour of the UK at Govan Cross this morning, where he addressed a crowd of around 100 party activists, the UK leader insisted Thursday's election was a straight choice between the Conservatives and Labour.

Jeremy Corbyn delivers a stump speech at Govan Cross on Wednesday as the Labour leader begins a six-stop tour of the UK

Jeremy Corbyn delivers a stump speech at Govan Cross on Wednesday as the Labour leader begins a six-stop tour of the UK

Mr Corbyn took a swipe at the right-wing press and pledged to "give hope to the next generation" by investing in education across the UK. He was speaking in the Glasgow South West constituency - which is being defended by the SNP's Chris Stephens with a majority of just 66 - but conspicously failed to mention Nicola Sturgeon or her party.

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"This election is really about a choice" he said. "Tomorrow, people all across the UK will go out to vote - they can elect a government that they can trust.

"They can elect a government that will eliminate child poverty across Britain. They can a government that will end the cruelty and injustice of universal credit. They can elect a government that will give hope to the next generation by investing properly in education all across the UK.

He continued: "In this city of Glasgow, which contains some of the wards with the lowest life expectancy in the country, they need an end to austerity. They need a UK government that will invest across the country and give real hope and real security to people. That is the offer that Labour makes.

"Our party has suffered the most unbelievable levels of abuse from some of the media and the right in British politics. But I tell you this - our strengths, our ideas, our principles, and our determination are stronger than ever as a result. We do not bow down. We take our message out across the country.

"We have never indulged in the politics of personal abuse. It demeans politics, it demeans politics, and the at the end of the day, it doesn't build a house, it doesn't train a doctor, it doesn't eliminate poverty.

"But I do think there is an issue of trust in politics. I've set out what our manifesto says, I've set out what the principles of what our movement is... that we want to create a society that works for everybody. We don't want to pass by on the other side of the those in desperate need.

"But on the other side, can you honestly a prime minister who can't tell the truth about the talks with the Americans over the privatisation of our NHS? Who cannot tell truth about the Brexit negotiations in which he's so failed to deliver on?"

Mr Corbyn will later visit the north-east of England and the Midlands before ending with a final pre-election speech in his home constituency of Islington.