Scottish Health

Scottish Health

Top surgeon suspended after domestic abuse convictions

A leading surgeon has been suspended from practising for a year after it emerged he had been convicted of a string of assaults.

Aberdeen & North East
Sheltered housing residents in Glasgow could face changes to alarm system.

‘Press button if still alive’ plan for OAPs is ‘dangerous’

Pensioners living in sheltered housing will have to ‘press a button’ every day to let carers know they are still alive.

News 8

NHS Scotland pays £193m in compensation over five years

Medical negligence payments paid out annually by NHS Scotland have risen four-fold in the past decade, new figures have revealed.

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NHS Lothian was one of the top health boards for medical negligence pay outs

NHS Lothian paid out almost £33m for medical mistakes

NHS Lothian has emerged as one of the top three health boards in Scotland for medical negligence pay outs.

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Craig Speirs has been chosen to help launch World Cancer Day 2018 in Scotland. Picture: PA

Father who fast-tracked his wedding makes cancer vow

A Scottish father who brought his wedding forward by a year after he was diagnosed with a rare cancer is backing a new fundraising campaign.

Glasgow & Strathclyde
The flu vaccine.

Some Boots stores temporarily run out of flu jab

A number of Boots stores “temporarily” ran out of flu vaccinations on Friday amid rising concerns about the virus.

News 4
Scots Tory health spokesman Miles Briggs says he was 'full of envy' of Norway's health and social care system (Picture: Neil Hanna)

Leader comment: Tories say Scotland should be more like Norway

The Scottish Tories have joined the SNP in praising how the Scandinavians do things, praising Norway’s health and social care system.

Opinion 21
New low-sugar Irn-Bru could help fight the obesity epidemic in this country

Stephen Jardine: Ignore the fanatics over new Irn-Bru

AG Barr has done the nation a service by reducing sugar levels in Irn-Bru – in contrast to Coca-Cola’s decision to put up prices, writes Stephen Jardine.


Miles Briggs: Scotland should look to Norway to help our ailing NHS

I was envious of the way the Norwegian health service dealt with the discharge of hospital patients, says Scottish Conservative Shadow Health Secretary Miles Briggs.

Opinion 16
Health Secretary Shona Robison chats with Head of Nursing Brendan Forman and Senior Charge Nurse  Diane Gardiner whilst visiting Perth Royal Infirmary . Picture; PA

Winter pressure ‘highlights lack of funding for NHS’

Winter pressures on the health service have highlighted a lack of funding and solutions required to make the NHS sustainable in the long term, doctors have said.

News 7
The Scotsman Irn-Bru Taste Test Team. From left to right, James Delaney, Brian Ferguson and Florence Snead try out the new low sugar version of Barr's Irn-Bru.

New Barr’s Irn-Bru recipe tastes ‘almost exactly the same’ as old one

It’s a battle between Irn-Bru and Coke, the health of the nation versus those who have helped ruin it, Scotland versus the rest of the world. The fate of new Irn-Bru really is that big.

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Scotland flu cases more than double in the past week

The flu rate in Scotland has more than doubled over the past week.

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Coughing is one of the main symptoms of flu.

Japanese flu joins ‘Aussie’ strain as it hits the UK

A new strain of flu originating in Japan has hit the UK as many still battle the so-called Aussie Flu which has sparked a wave of panic after being reported on last week.

NHS Lothian was one of the top health boards for medical negligence pay outs

Top Scotland doctor calls for NHS funding, not thanks

The chairman of the British Medical Association in Scotland has said that the extreme pressures placed on the NHS this winter have highlighted the need for funding and a long term plan to make the service sustainable.

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Jenna Gilbertson and her daughter Amie , 13. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Hospital staff refuse to help schoolgirl whose mum had collapsed outside

HOSPITAL staff refused to help a schoolgirl whose mother had collapsed on the pavement directly outside.

News 90
There is no better guardian of the nation's health than our hard-pressed NHS (Picture: Getty)

Martyn McLaughlin: Under-resourced NHS excelled in treating my father

An imperfect, under-resourced system excelled during my family’s hour of need, writes Martyn McLaughlin.

Concerned parents could be able to monitor babies through technology Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA Wire

Parents could track heart rate of babies at risk of cot death on phones

Parents concerned about the risk of cot death could keep track of their babies’ heart and breathing rates with updates to their phones thanks to a scientific breakthrough.

The A&E waiting times were the worst since weekly reports began

Scotland’s A&E waiting times worst since weekly reports began

Scotland’s accident-and-emergency departments have recorded the worst performance against a key waiting target since weekly reporting began.

News 42
Number of Scots with Parkinson's set to double

Number of Scots living with Parkinson's set to double

The number of Scots living with Parkinson's is expected to double within the next 50 years as the population grows and ages.

Health 2
Fiona Edwards raised almost �70,000 by telling tablet

Woman raises almost £70k for breast cancer research by selling tablet

A tower of homemade tablet, more than twice the height of the world’s tallest building, has helped a Dundee woman tally up almost £70,000 for breast cancer research.

Dundee & Tayside
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