Scotland's Oil

Scotland's Oil

Unite union calls for ‘state support’ of North Sea oil and gas sector

The UK’s biggest trade union has called for government intervention in the North Sea energy sector to protect working conditions.

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The Cromarty Firth has long been used as an anchorage point for oil rigs. Picture: PA

Optimism returns to North Sea energy sector as ‘corner turned’

Optimism is returning to North Sea energy operators, with trends in “upstream” exploration and production activity the highest since 2014, an authoritative report out today shows.

Ben van Bilderbeek's smart technology has helped Plexus strike new deals and diversify. Picture: VisMedia

The Big Interview: Plexus Holdings boss Ben van Bilderbeek

Ingenuity, like virtue, may be its own reward for some, but for Ben van Bilderbeek the excitement of coming up with innovative ideas isn’t enough.

Adopting the plug and play concept in oil and gas could significantly reduce the cost of developing marginal fields

Innovation could unlock 3.4bn barrels of oil around the UK

An Aberdeen-based innovation centre is backing four subsea “plug and play” projects which could help unlock the 3.4 billion barrels of oil and gas in marginal fields on the UK continental shelf.

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Comment: North Sea troubles have been good for tech sector

The trials and tribulations of the North Sea oil and gas sector have been well documented in recent years, but there is growing evidence of an upturn and in recent weeks we have seen the price of Brent crude oil nudging over $70 per barrel.

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SNP accused of ‘disowning’ Scotland’s oil and gas sector

The Scottish Government has axed a flagship measure of the state of the oil and gas industry - prompting claims it is "actively disowning"  the sector.

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North Sea oil wealth fund would be worth ‘over £500 billion’

A UK sovereign wealth fund would today be worth more than £500 billion if Westminster had followed the example of Norway by investing North Sea oil revenues, a think tank has found.

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The robot could be used for operational inspection of facilities offshore. Picture: PA

Robots could soon be working on North Sea gas platforms

Robots could soon be working autonomously alongside humans on a North Sea platform as part of a world-first project.

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The sheltered waters of Cromarty Firth have long been used for refits or as an anchorage for oil rigs. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Decommissioning centre gets green light for Aberdeen

The Oil & Gas Technology Centre and the University of Aberdeen have teamed up to launch a multi-million-pound decommissioning “centre of excellence” as the industry gears up to scrap scores of North Sea rigs.

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Rising oil prices meant revenues from the sector increased from �16 billion to �21 billion last year

North Sea oil and gas outlook remains ‘uncertain’

Oil and gas production in the North Sea is forecast to grow by 5% in 2018, however low levels of drilling mean the outlook for future years is “much more uncertain”.

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Scottish exports soar by nearly one fifth in UK high

Scottish goods exports have risen by nearly a fifth, with oil and gas the fastest climber.

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Leading industry figure Sir Ian Wood produced a report on maximising yield in the North Sea in 2014. Picture: TSPL

Oil and gas production forecast to be 2.8bn barrels higher

Oil and gas production over the next three decades could be 2.8 billion barrels higher than previously anticipated.

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The Lancaster discovery was a welcome boost for the North Sea energy sector. Picture: PA

Giant Shetland oil field to begin production next year

Production in the giant Lancaster oil field west of Shetland is on course to begin next year, HurricanE Energy has said.

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SNP calls for North Sea oil tax revenues to be reinvested in Scotland

The SNP has called for growing tax revenues from North Sea oil to be reinvested in Scotland following reports the UK treasury could earn around £1bn this financial year.

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The finds were made in the central North Sea and west of Shetland

Scotland’s oil and gas sector ‘alive and kicking’

Energy giant BP has said it expects to double production in the North Sea by 2020 as it announced two new oil and gas discoveries in the area.

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The Edinburgh-based start-up has won a lucrative contract from Shell. Picture: PA

Edinburgh-based start-up Cognitive Geology wins Shell contract

Cognitive Geology, an Edinburgh-based technology start-up, has secured a $1.2 million (£872,000) contract with oil giant Shell for its geological mapping software.

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Removing North Sea oil platforms ‘could do more harm than good’

North Sea oil platforms should be made clean and safe then left in position, according to an industry expert.

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Ineos unveils legal challenge to Scottish fracking ban

Scotland’s fracking ban is to face a legal challenge from Grangemouth owner INEOS amid claims the move is “unlawful” and a “misuse of ministerial power”.

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Experts have a theory to predict when rogue waves might occur which could damage oil platforms

Rogue wave research to help with oil rig design

New understanding of the “dangerous phenomenon” of unusually large ocean waves could help inform the design of oil platforms and other offshore structures, researchers have said.

Offshore drilling at a rig, File Picture

Police launch inquiry after gun used to relight North Sea oil flare

Police are investigating after a gun was used to relight the flare on a North Sea platform.

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