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The famous double-helix structure of DNA (Picture: Adam Butler/AP)

How Scotland – and you – can play key part in genetic health revolution – Catherine Calderwood

How much do you think about your genes, your genetic make-up? Of course we talk about them all the time, noticing family resemblances and personality, ability and other traits (positive and negative!) through the generations. We feel pleased when a child is complimented on a feature we see in ourselves, a bonus in life they have inherited from us, writes Scotland’s chief medical officer Catherine Calderwood.

Edinburgh has been voted the top cruise destination in western Europe

John Yellowlees: New Cockenzie port would have a huge impact

The growth of more than 70 per cent in cruise ­journeys over the last ten years in Europe has been mostly in the colder northern waters as the Mediterranean market has been complemented by new UK based opportunities where people can avoid the need to fly to reach cruise ships.

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