Interactive: story of the independence referendum

IT was one of the biggest political decisions in history and a vote that divided a nation.

Picture: TSPL

As the dust settles on Scotland’s historic referendum, The Scotsman has created a special digital supplementto document the twists and turns of this hard-fought campaign.

From the SNP’s landslide victory at Holyrood in May 2011, to September’s resounding No vote, the independence referendum has touched the lives of many.

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Bringing together a bespoke mix of imagery, detailed graphics, animation and video, you can now follow Scotland’s tumultuous journey and the battle for independence.

This in-depth report, created using a digital tool called Shorthand, traces the origins of the referendum through to the vote to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Charting the key people involved, the ground-breaking use of social media, the opinion polls, the now famous live debates and the all-important result, this unique visual experience is the ideal way to relive the captivating story.