Indyref2: Scotland in Union group launches Project Listen

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Pro-union activists are to stage a day of campaigning across Scotland in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon’s independence referendum announcement.

Scotland in Union said it aims to rally No voters who are “angry that their 2014 vote is being ignored”.

Scotland in Union said it aims to rally No voters. Picture: Robert Perry

Scotland in Union said it aims to rally No voters. Picture: Robert Perry

The non-party movement, which has about 15,000 supporters, will take its campaign to towns and cities across the country on Saturday as the SNP meets for its spring conference in Aberdeen.

It launched its Project Listen initiative in Glasgow on Tuesday.

Scotland in Union chief executive Graeme Pearson said: “I’m here today to say independence is not inevitable. And neither is another referendum.

“We can stop this. But we can only stop the nationalists if those who support Scotland in the UK find their voice.

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“The silent majority spoke up in 2014. Now we must do so again.

“The future of our country will be decided by the people of Scotland, not politicians. I believe through organisation and persuasion we can force Nicola Sturgeon to back off.”

Mr Pearson, a former Labour MSP, added: “If we speak with one voice then the Scottish Government will be forced to hear us.

“Once they accused us of Project Fear. I say this time it’s Project Listen. They can ignore us no more.

“Together, we can send them homeward to think again. We need to get organised and we need to persuade.”

Promoting the day of campaigning, he added: “We will have hundreds of activists in every city in Scotland, leafleting and campaigning, spreading our positive message of unity and solidarity.

“Conversation by conversation we hope to persuade our fellow Scots that the best future for us all is to be part of something bigger.”

The rallying call comes just a day after Ms Sturgeon announced she wants Holyrood to give her the authority to ask Westminster for the power to hold another vote.

The First Minister wants a referendum to be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of the following year.