Indyref2 and Scottish Independence

Thousands march in Scottish Independence rally in Bannockburn

Thousands of campaigners have taken to Bannockburn on the 704th anniversary as part on an independence rally.

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A woman poses with a copy of the Daily Record on September 16, 2014, ahead of the referendum on Scotland's independence. Picture: Getty

Editor responsible for ‘The Vow’ now backs Scottish independence

The former newspaper editor behind The Vow published days before 2014’s Scottish independence referendum has said he now supports leaving the UK, in a move hailed as “hugely significant” by Nicola Sturgeon.

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The Scottish Resistance have confirmed Sean Clerkin has been suspended.

Sean Clerkin suspended from Scottish Resistance

Sean Clerkin has been suspended from the Scottish Resistance after he told the Scotsman he would not be campaigning for Scottish independence.

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Sean Clerkin, in his familiar Scottish Resistance tshirt, during a protest at George Square in Glasgow. Picture: John Devlin

Sean Clerkin to stop campaigning for independence in Growth Commission protest

He is one of the best known street campaigners in the country, a man notorious for staging a variety of small-scale demonstrations at venues ranging from a South Lanarkshire confectionary factory to the Spanish consulate in Edinburgh.

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Does the Growth Commission boost the case for Scottish independence?

The economy was the single biggest issue cited by those who voted against independence in 2014. The SNP knows if any IndyRef2 takes place, it will be the major talking point again.

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Separate Scottish currency could cost as much as £300bn

A leading macroeconomist has warned that a separate currency in an independent Scotland would need to be backed by billions in foreign exchange reserves to protect it from economic shocks and speculators.

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Dutch campaign for Scottish independence prepares for rally

It promises to have all the hallmarks of a pro-Scottish independence rally, the kind which have become commonplace since the run-up to the 2014 referendum.

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Activist Julie Hepburn is contesting the SNP deputy leadership

Indyref2 campaign must start right now, says SNP deputy hopeful

SNP depute leadership contender Julie Hepburn has declared it is vital the party launches a fresh independence campaign “right now” as nominations closed in the race for the post.

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Scotland’s potential will only be realised after independence says Nicola Sturgeon

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the SNP is using every power at its disposal to deliver for the people of Scotland and that the full potential of Scotland can only be seen when the nation is independent.

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SNP using Brexit showdown with Holyrood as ‘dry run’ for indyref2

The SNP is being accused of using the row over Brexit powers as a “dry run” to push through legislation for a second independence referendum at the Scottish Parliament.

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EU nationals will ‘not have right to vote in Indyref2’

EU nationals will not have the right to vote in a future independence referendum if it takes places after Brexit economists have suggested.

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Surprise Depute Leader candidate urges SNP to ‘get into training for Indyref2’

A surprise new candidate has thrown her name into the hat for the role of SNP depute and has nailed her colours to the mast by calling for internal organisational change to get the party ready for a new independence referendum.

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Poll: Support for Scottish independence at 32%

Scotland’s current constitutional arrangement remains the most popular choice for voters, a poll has suggested.

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‘Give Scotland seat at Brexit talks or risk indyref2’

Calls have been made for Scotland to get a seat at the table in post-Brexit trade talks with the European Union and other countries to avoid “awkward” legal disputes over implementation of agreements.

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Brexit ‘will not be constitutional game changer’ for SNP

Leaving the European Union is unlikely to be the catalyst that leads Scotland to vote for independence, a new analysis has suggested.

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Brian Wilson: Stop sniping! Jobs depend on Scotland working with UK

Just 70 firms account for half of Scotland’s exports, without the spirit of co-operation the nation will be disadvantaged in critical economic areas, believes Brian Wilson.

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Poll: Majority of Scots don’t want Indyref2 in next five years

A majority of Scottish voters are opposed to a second referendum on independence in the next five years, a new poll has found.

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Poll: Half of Scots ‘back an independent Scotland in EU’

Almost half of Scots would back an independent Scotland in the European Union (EU) if a second referendum was held in early 2019, a new poll suggests.

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Nicola Sturgeon: new report will make fresh case for independence

The First Minister has revealed the publication of an anticipated report will set out a fresh economic case for independence at a private meeting with senior party members.

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